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"The last mailing gave us a great return!  I am working through 4 to 5 possibilities which I think some will be big hits".

"We recently closed a sale on a company you contacted by letter in mid-2016.  At the time of my initial contact, the owner was thinking he was a couple of years away from selling, but he called me in early 2017 having re-thought the matter (health issues, since resolved thank goodness).  We generated a lot of interest and the company was sold to an individual who had a great deal of industry experience and proved to be a great buyer.  The deal was $2.6 million including real estate and I am of course very pleased."
-SH - FL

"We have been receiving some good responses and have entered into two Engagement Agreements and expect a couple more within the month.  One of the prospects is a large vineyard and winery with a value of over $5MM."
- DB. -TX

"I have several very good leads from your last mailing.  I am sure some will materialize and it only takes one to pay for your services for one year." 

"If we weren't doing deals, we would be able to supply faster turnaround times on approving your lists. We have a closing scheduled in two weeks that can be traced to a Nation-List mailing."

"I wanted to give you some feedback on our last Nation-List letters!!  Could not be happier with the results!  We have had some of the best calls since I have been here.  That's 10 years." 

"As you know, we started with Nation-List in August and have been so excited with the results from each month's mailings.  They have far surpassed our expectations!  In the August mailing we had 4 Sellers and three appointments from the calls.  The 4th Seller asked that we get back in tough with him in 6 months. In September, we had 3 Sellers contact us regarding the letter one of those ended up being a Buyer to grow his company, so he has retained us to start a mailing campaign to do a search for the right company for him to buy. 

I really appreciate the way you send me the list to review in advance before a mailing so we can eliminate those companies we don't wish to work with in our area." 

"I thought I would give you an update on the recent mailings.  First one yielded just 1 call, but the second one yielded 8 calls, with 4 very good leads."  -

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