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Direct mail is the most effective way to identify and contact
qualified corporate buyers anxious to grow their companies!

Send us your criteria – SIC codes or Industry, Revenue Ranges
and Geographical Area -- and let us give you a quote.

Did you know Hoover's and SalesGenie have very different lists of companies? That's right, when you use just a single source, you could be covering only about half the market. We access BOTH SalesGenie and Hoover’s databases to build your target list. After de-duping between the two lists (about 15%), we send to you for your review. We will print, fold, stuff, place $.50 first class stamps (for credibility and speed) on each envelope and deliver to the post office. Check out a sample letter/flyer and sample buyer's list which includes phone numbers for your follow-up as necessary.
The calls (or emails) come directly to you so you can get started screening these buyers to find the perfect fit for your seller.

Using our Nation-List direct mail expertise, M&A experience and years of printing background, we can provide a professional search and quick turnaround that will find you qualified strategic buyers and find them in a hurry!

Contact us today for more information.

Michael H. Marks, CBI
Corporate Buyer Connection

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