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Established in 1982, Nation-List International is a network of independent mergers and acquisition intermediaries with offices across the country.  Its highly experienced associates provide professionalism and skill in the process of putting two motivated parties together in a transaction and getting the deal closed.

Finding the Right fit for Both Parties
Individuals, corporations and private equity groups all have their own list of wants in finding a company to acquire.  Though this list oftentimes seems unrealistic and impossible to satisfy, it takes an experienced mergers and acquisitions intermediary to accomplish this task.  It begins with understanding the true needs and motivation of both parties and ends with closing a transaction that will satisfy both of the parties.  Nation-List associates have the years of experience necessary to meet the challenge to confidentially market a business and bring buyer and seller together.

Keeping the identity of all parties secret in a transaction is critical.  Knowing how to work within these confines takes special knowledge in order to market a company and negotiate a transaction.  Nation-List associates know what to do and how to do it to make sure a deal gets closed with involvement with only those who have "the need to know".

Analysis and Valuation
Nation-List associates have been schooled in the process of analyzing a business and presenting a thorough evaluation of value.  And their years of experience play a large role in identifying the important details and the drivers to determine a fair price.

Transaction Structuring and Negotiations
Putting together a deal between a buyer and a seller can be a complex undertaking.  Nation-List associates have the experience and know-how to structure a transaction taking in consideration the financial needs and tax implications of both parties.

It is well-known that in any transaction, you don't have a deal until it is closed.  Because of their many years of working with buyers, sellers and their advisors, Nation-List associates are experts in the process of negotiating and closing a transaction.

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